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About Us

Our mission is to generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge about human development across the lifespan, in the context of family, culture, and society. Our goal is to use this knowledge to help resolve societal and developmental challenges faced by children, families, and our aging population, and to promote optimal development and opportunities for all.

Our department approaches human development and family studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. Faculty members are engaged in research examining the development of basic human processes, like cognitive, social, and emotional skills, in the contexts of families, schools, culture, diversity, and other contexts, across the life span. A driving force behind this work is our commitment to the application of research findings to programs and policies that enhance the lives of individuals and families. A strength of our faculty is expertise in program development and evaluation.

We strongly value outreach and the translation of research findings into evidence-based services to the community. We invite you to find out more about our Centers – the Early Childhood Center and the Center for Family and Couple Therapy. We have a strong partnership with CSU Extension, and participate in many Extension programs and activities.

We are very proud of our undergraduate program. We offer an undergraduate degree in HDFS that emphasizes the importance of experiential learning as well as a thorough grounding in theories and research in HDFS. Students also have the opportunity to work toward a Gerontology Interdisciplinary Minor. We are pleased to offer an on-line HDFS baccalaureate degree completion program that meets the needs of working individuals and distance learners.

It is also an exciting time for graduate education in HDFS. We have a program leading to a Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Science and we also offer a master’s degree in HDFS, with specialization in either Marriage and Family Therapy or Prevention Science.

This is an exciting time to be part of HDFS! We invite you to explore our website and learn about what we do.